HR Services

Temporary Employment

HR Service

Temporary Employment

Fast. Cost effective. Flexible

With the HR audit processes in place at Trenkwalder, we assess your company's HR processes before we start working with our clients, so we can always propose a reliable solution to reduce costs.

When using temporary staffing, the company:

  • Increase its capacity without expanding its own workforce

  • It can accurately plan its costs in the event of temporary fluctuations in production

  • Eliminate the burden of labour administration

Why choose us?

  • We are a supplier with a stable financial background

  • We offer faster, customised recruitment

  • We test the right candidate for the job

  • We work with a high take-up rate

  • We operate in compliance with legislation

  • We have a full labour and personnel background

  • We carry out medical examinations and manage the Cafeteria

Direct Placement

HR Service

Direct Placement

With 22 offices in Hungary

Trenkwalder Hungary is one of the market leaders in recruitment services, with nearly 30 years of experience in Hungary, offering solutions to small, medium and large companies in finding and selecting the best suited candidates for their needs, throughout the country. Through our highly experienced and motivated recruitment consultants, we can take on the full range of recruitment and selection tasks, whatever the industry, position or level.

Through outsourced recruitment, your company:

Filling high-demand positions

Recruit large numbers of people in a short time

Searches can be conducted confidentially

Typical occupational groups:

Administration / Office work / Reception

Banking / Insurance / Treasury

Construction / Real Estate

Sales / Trading / Business Development

Manufacturing / Production / Engineer

IT Recruitment

HR Service

IT Recruitment

Up-to-date, professional help.

Trenkwalder Hungary's IT Recruitment services are specifically designed to compensate for the shortage of professional staff to design and implement demanding IT projects.

We understand that IT searches can be challenging for your company, but our specialisation enables us to find relevant candidates for our clients faster and more efficiently through recruitment, temporary staffing or BPO.

With the help of our expert recruiters, we recruit nationally in IT from junior to senior positions.

Executive Search

HR Service

Executive Search

Dedicated consultant. Extensive network of contacts. Confidential searches.

As one of the leading HR service providers in the domestic market, we prioritise client needs requiring executive and unique expertise. Thanks to our extensive database and professional contacts, we can reach candidates who are not actively looking for a job, but are open to market trends and new open positions.

Industries we cover:

  • IT & Telecom

  • Financial Services

  • FMCG

  • Manufacturing

  • Energy

  • Agriculture

  • Sciences

  • SSC & Outsourcing

  • Technology

  • Greenfield investments

  • Automotive


HR Service


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If your business needs 360-degree HR services, you've come to the right place. Trenkwalder provides a full range of recruitment and HR services in one place, so you don't have to look for solutions in multiple locations. With our experienced recruiters and nationwide coverage, you don't need to recruit your own staff. We offer flexible schedules to suit our clients' needs, supporting you in person and online throughout the entire recruitment process.

With the help of our expert consultants, we provide you with the best HR practices and tools. We support our clients throughout the selection process with our online and offline presence.

We provide a full service from organising interviews, sending out offers, to organising and running selection days.

Student Employment

HR Service

Student Employment

Extremely fast, transparent, flexible and cost-effective

We launched our student employment business with the aim of providing our clients with extremely fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions. In addition, it is important to us to provide the young generation just entering the labour market with work experience and a livelihood.

Getting a quality workforce does not have to be a long and costly process. Thanks to our nationwide coverage, we help our partners to find quality staff with short recruitment times (1-3 days). With our filterable database of 25,000 candidates and our ATS system, we can find the ideal candidates quickly and efficiently. It is important to us that we offer our clients only the most suitable candidates, so we carry out professional pre-screening in the selection process, check candidates' high level language and digital skills and simplify administrative processes by offering online contracting.

Our school cooperatives:

ELTE-Trenkwalder School Cooperative

Under our strategic agreement with one of the country's universities with one of the largest histories and student populations, we can reach nearly 30,000 candidates with white-collar and internship opportunities as soon as our student business launches.

Visit our renewed School Cooperative website:


Specialising in blue collar assignments, our school cooperative offers a fast and professional solution for our clients in manufacturing, catering, logistics and even agriculture.

Employment of foreigner

HR Service

Employment of foreigner

Replenishing a large workforce. Filling skills gaps. Professional development.

We have extensive experience in recruiting and employing third-country workers on the domestic and international markets. We provide quality labour efficiently and cost-effectively for small and large requirements. In addition to recruitment and administration, we support on-boarding and integration for unskilled, skilled and intellectual positions through standardised processes.

As a qualified lender, Trenkwalder has been entitled to integrate workers into the domestic labour market under an accelerated procedure since November 2021.

Other tasks that Trenkwalder performs for its clients to ensure continued employment:

Translation of documentation:

  • Work instructions

  • Job placement documents to provide employment services for workers

  • Translation of documents for registration


  • Communication plan

  • Sensitisation

  • Setting up escalation points


  • making health care available

  • Opening a bank account

  • Embassy contact details

  • Providing an interpreter

  • Hungarian customs for foreign workers

Countries from which we recruit most often:

Republic of Belarus,

Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of the Netherlands

Republic of Indonesia,

Republic of Kazakhstan,


Republic of Montenegro,

Socialist Republic of Vietnam,

Russian Federation,

Federal Republic of Brazil,


Kyrgyz Republic,

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,

Republic of Colombia

Rehabilitation employment

HR Service

Rehabilitation employment

More than just savings: extra capacity

Did you know that according to the Hungarian Statistical Office (KSH), nearly 550,000 people in Hungary are considered to have a disability?

Companies that employ workers with a health condition of up to 60% can claim the SZOCHO benefit. They can claim a tax reduction of 13% up to twice the minimum wage.

Who can be considered as disabled?

  • People with complications of diabetes

  • People with an autoimmune disease

  • People recovering from a long illness

  • People with cardiovascular disease

  • Visually impaired

  • Hearing impaired

  • Anyone with a health impairment of up to 40%

Placement of Hungarian workers abroad

HR Service

Placement of Hungarian workers abroad

One of Central and Eastern Europe's leading HR full-services providers in CEE and has branches in 17 European countries.

In this service, Trenkwalder acts as an intermediary organisation, connecting employers and potential employees in countries where job opportunities are available abroad through its network of contacts abroad. This process can be aimed at placing workers in a variety of industries, including construction, healthcare, IT, hospitality and others.

Outbound labour intermediation plays an important role in a globalised world, allowing workers and employers to connect effectively in cross-border labour markets. It is important that the rights and obligations of all parties involved in this type of placement are clear and that everything is done in an ethical and legal manner.

HR consulting

HR Service

HR consulting

Our aim is to help our partners achieve their business goals and optimise their operations.

With nearly 30 years of professional experience and a wealth of information, Trenkwalder aims to provide its partners with unique and multifaceted advice on any HR problem in the life of their company. It helps its partners to choose the right service, even in the design of the remuneration structure. The consultancy can focus on a specific problem or project, but can also be a long-term partnership aimed at supporting and developing and shaping the overall HR strategy of the company.

For whom?

  • For decision-makers

  • Small businesses

  • Large companies

  • HR specialists, etc.