Is your business undergoing rapid transformation? Need to troubleshoot a problematic area? Then you may need an Interim Manager.


Why Interim Management?

Interim managers perform a wide variety of important tasks, from managing change in the organization to filling in when a business has lost an important executive and doesn’t have an immediate replacement. Typically, Interim Managers are overqualified for the position they enter, allowing them to slip into the position seamlessly; and they are active, hands-on members of the management team from day one. Operating at or near board-level gives interim managers the authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within a company. Unlike a ‘temp’, they’re not just there to ‘hold the fort’. They actively add value to the client organization as a result of their expertise and approach, even when the work and the decisions to be made are difficult.

Why Trenkwalder?

Our Interim Managers are experienced and qualified professionals with a demonstrated track record in their respective professions.  They have intimate knowledge of their particular functional areas and able to connect with senior stakeholders across your organization.

Our Interim Managers are all prescreened. We have taken care to build a pool of Interim managers who have relevant expertise and seniority, have credible professional backgrounds, and whom we are confident to place at our clients in trusted roles.

Agility. We are able to source Interim Managers from within our talent pool and present you with a potential candidate within 24 hours of receiving the brief. If we do not have the right fit for you in our candidate pool, then we will immediately launch a high priority search and present you with alternatives within no more than 2 business days.

Flexibility. Our Interim Managers understand that no two assignments are the same and that sometimes a more flexible approach is necessary to meet our client’s specific needs.

Transparency. Our client and Interim Managers count on full transparency in all contractual dealings. We have robust checks and balances and in-house finance and legal teams that allow us to seamlessly manage our complex contractual arrangements in full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Our pricing structure is visible to all parties to the agreement – we do not like surprises and neither do our counterparts.

Cost Efficiency. Interim Managers are not employed by our clients, they act similar to business consultants and offer flat fee for their services. Coupled with that, given the size, scale and national footprint of our business we are able to offer our clients a competitive service fee as well, making Interim Managers the most cost-effective solution for fixed term contractual assignments

Compliance. Our advanced candidate management system and processes are in full compliance with the requirements of GDPR. With the support of our professional financial and legal teams, we provide our Interim Managers with a smooth and calculated process and our Partners can benefit from secure and efficient communication.